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Do you feel depressed in some areas of your life ?

Do you feel anxious about certain situations and unsure of what to do ?

You will learn tools that will help you recognize your strengths and overcome anxiety and depression. Therapy makes unconscious patterns and feelings conscious so one doesn't repeat endless cycles that don't work. Gain confidence, strength, and the ability to trust and accurately perceive yourself and others. You will increase your sense of purpose and worth, invigorate and enliven your relationships with others, and enhance your joy and full participation in life.




High School Students

High School is a transition time. You are gaining skills and beginning to figure out your adult life. You may feel stress due to expectations that are sometimes overwhelming. Pressure to succeed as well as pressure from other students can cause anxiety or depression.

Lean how to navigate these years and use the information you are getting to build the right kind of foundation for the rest of your life. Counseling will increase your confidence and your joy in life.


College Students

College is a transition time. You are developing the relationship skills and work habits necessary for a successful career. However, the transition to adulthood can also intensify the anxieties and fears one has about one's own abilities.

Counseling will help you use your feelings as a source of information that will lead you towards growth. We will work together so that you gain self-confidence and a strong sense of your capabilities and sense of direction. College can be an exciting and rewarding time.



Do you want to build trust in your relationship ?

Do you want what you say to be heard by your significant other?

Do you want to understand what your significant other is saying to you?

You and your partner can learn new tools of communication in order to trust, love, and understand each other more fully. Therapy helps you to recognize defenses used with each other, interpret them, and then communicate more openly and honestly in order to gain a new sense of respect for each other.

People with Aging Parents or Loved Ones

Do you need help deciding how to care for an aging relative or friend?

Do you want information about the aging process and ways in which you can help your aging parents?

The aging process often involves denial and a resistance to getting help. Whoever cares for their relative often feels impatient, overwhelmed, and confused about possible solutions to providing care.

Concerns about how involved is too involved and sibling or other relative responsibilities often compound the issues surrounding care.

Learn new perspectives and enrich your own growth at the same time. Learn about what possibilities exist that are helpful and what strategies to avoid.








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