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Please Note:
The following people, because of their desire to help others, asked to share their positive experience working with Page.

I have benefited from your caring, openness and honesty. You gave me the strength and helped me to stay on track.
Thank You

~ Amanda C.

I am very impressed by you. You have helped me greatly.
Thank you.

~ Ronald S.

I feel so much stronger now , and more confident , and I believe that I've really grown thanks to you.

~ Andy



I have started graduate school . I love it and I'm really happy.
~ Edward O.

Thanks for listening to all my trials and tribulations in the new exciting moments in my life. Thanks for all of the guidance and help figuring out my family relationships . because of all this , I feel I've really been helped to grow . I would not have made it through without you .
Thank you again for everything .

~ Cindy S.

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